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лодж MARA SERENA LODGE 4* first Местонахождение: Окраина Адрес: P.O. BOX 48690, MASAI MARA, KENYA, Телефон: 254-30-52059/2137, Факс: 254-30-52382 Скидки детям: с 3 по 11 лет. Описание: Расположение COUNTRYSIDE 15 km to the nearest airport: MMN Дополнительная информация LOCATION The lodge is set on a saddle of a hill, where it overlooks the 1,800 kilometres of rolling plains, woodlands and rivers that make up the Maasai Mara Triangle, one of the world`s richest wildlife sancturies. ROOMS Every guest room is an individual traditionally styled "hut", with lovely views over the plains. RESTAURANT The main dining room is spectacularly decorated in three large domes and three small ones, resembling enlarged Maasai manyattas. Sumptuous international menus, buffets and barbecues are served to guests alongside authentic African dishes. A full sevice lounge and bar, located in the main building, serves fruit juices, soft drinks, tea and coffee, cocktails, wines, spirits and liqueurs. EXTERIOR The lodge is an interpretation of a traditional Maasai Manyatta village of domed huts. The traditional architecture blends in harmoniously with the surrounding landscape and offers uninterrupted views of the plains, the meandering river forest and the silhouetted hills beyond. GENERAL The lodge can assure guests of a high degree of privacy when enjoying the safari experience. It has 3 land cruisers, seating 7 persons and game drives into the bush are scheduled daily. Specially arranged balloon safaris can also be arranged. The lodge has a swimming pool, live entertainment and baby sitting services. 0401ZS Заметки CHILD REDUCTION WITH EXISTING BED ONLY. COMPLIMENTARY LUNCH AND DINNER PROVIDED.